CML’s Top New Country Chart Debut

Beth’s current single “Just Another Heartache” debuted at #50 on Country Music Life’s “Top New Country Music” Chart on January 16.


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Tune in next week to see if Beth’s single climbs up the chart!

Jam Catchers - Just Another Heartache Music Video

Jam Catchers has penned Beth as a “lyrical badass”. With her current single, Beth paints the picture of a deeply personal heartbreak while at the same time having the ability to connect with any listener. Beighey shares the deep cuts and vulnerability of a relationship ending while still embodying a strong and independent woman, a message that often gets lost when describing pain. Read more here

The Daily Country - Music Video Premiere

The Daily Country premieres Beth’s new music video before the official release date! Beighey recently released her debut single, “Just Another Heartache," a self-penned ballad that portrays both the deep emotion one experiences and strength one finds after the dissolution of a relationship. Beth took the time to speak about her roots, the song, and its video, her first ever, with The Daily Country. Read more here